This page describes the heatspreader design for Gemini
Heatspreader & its related accessories are provided along with Gemini SBC. The heat sink is specifically designed to support the cExpress-WL 866UE module. This heat sink cannot be used with a different module.
The following figure represents the bottom view of the heatspreader.
Heatspreader bottom view
Take care not to damage thermal pads.
Ensure to remove liners from both sides of thermal pads when installing new thermal pads.
The following figure represents the top view of the heat spreader.
Heatspreader top view
The heat spreader can be used to connect to a heatsink based on customer requirements. The heats preader dimensions are 117.6mm x 101.6mm.
3D view of Gemini assembly with heatspreader
Gemini assemly(to be updated with REVA design)