This page describes the softwares supported and softwares available for Gemini SBC

20.1 Operating system support software

Diamond Systems offers software support for our embedded computer boards, ranging from drivers to complete OS board support packages. The currently available driver and BSP support can be found by clicking on the links below.

20.2 OS Driver packages

All SBCs are supported with driver packages for popular embedded operating systems. Most of these drivers are provided by the chip vendors. The drivers that have been tested and proven to work on our boards are available to download from the product support pages.

20.3 Software Development Kits(SDK)

We offer preconfigured, ready to run OS images for popular embedded OSes on Gemini SBC. The tables linked above list the currently available packages. A fee is charged for BSPs and includes the OS license fee where necessary. Support is provided free after purchase of the BSP.
BSPs are available in the form of a software development kit (SDK), which consists of the BSP pre-installed on a solid-state disk that plugs onto the board, so you can boot up and be running instantly. Instructions and a backup image are provided for rebuilding the BSP. The BSP image can be freely copied as many times as necessary. Customers are responsible for meeting any software licensing requirements for additional copies.
SDKs are available as standalone products and are also included in our SBC development kits (DKs). If you are buying multiple units of SBC, you can buy a single DK or SDK and then buy additional SBCs, cables, and flashdisks as needed for your development and deployment. You are responsible for meeting any software licensing requirements for duplication of the BSP.
In most cases, custom versions of our BSPs can be provided under our engineering services program. Examples of customizations include 64-bit vs. 32-bit versions, a particular Linux distribution, or the inclusion of customer drivers and applications.

20.4 Universal Driver

Universal Driver is Diamond's free software package for controlling Digital I/O features on Gemini SBC. Universal Driver includes a C language library that provides control of all the Digital IO features on the board. A convenient graphical user interface program is available to provide benchtop control of the Digital I/O features. This program can be used for application modeling or board/system debugging. Please visit the Universal Driver page for more information. Universal Driver is generally not included in our BSPs, because it is subject to frequent updates. The latest version can quickly be downloaded from our site and installed into your BSP or OS image.